Embrace Your Fallibility: Thoughts on Code Integrity

The Political Methodologist, June 2016
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A followup to Lessons from a Decade of Replications at the QJPS, this paper argues coding errors  in published papers are not due to carelessness or inattention on behalf of authors, but rather the fact humans are effectively incapable of writing error-free code. It argues as a discipline we must start learning and teaching coding skills that help maximize the probability our mistakes will be found and corrected. It presents an overview of specific programming practices we can all implement, and offers  reflections on the implications of this idea for third-party review of code by academic journals.

Lessons from a Decade of Replications at the Quarterly Journal of Political Science

PS: Political Science and Politics, April 2016
Based on post for The Political Methodologist awarded Most Viewed Post of 2015

This paper details the experience and lessons learned at the Quarterly Journal of Political Science since it began requiring authors to provide this type of replication code in 2005. It finds 14 or 24 replication packages reviewed (58 percent) had results in the paper that differed from those generated by the author’s own code.

Taxation, Political Accountability, and Foreign Aid: Lessons from Somaliland

Journal of Development Studies, 2012
Winner of the Dudley Seers Prize for Best Article Published in JDS in 2012.

This paper presents evidence that negotiations between an autocratic government in need of tax revenues and citizens who were only willing to consent to taxation in exchange for greater government accountability shaped the formation of Somaliland’s democratic government.

Aid Quality and Donor Rankings (with Stephen Knack and F. Halsey Rogers)

World Development, 2012

This paper offers new measures of aid quality covering 38 bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as new insights about the robustness and usefulness of such measures.


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